Bathing / Grooming

We provide different types of grooming, for example anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, routine or medicated baths, Lyme dips, wing and beak trims.

Anal glands are scent glands- when dogs defecate they usually express their own anal glands and  mark their territory for other dogs. In some cases anal glands can become impacted, some dogs are unable to empty their own glands and can become infected.  Some reasons that can cause anal gland problems are, poor dieting, medical conditions, and obesity.  

Ear cleaning is very important for your dog’s grooming needs. A dog's ear canal is horizontal and is easy for water and other materials to get trapped in it. Certain materials can cause irritation, itchiness, odor, and ear infections if not removed.   

Lyme Sulfur dips are performed to treat mange, ringworm or non-specific dermatoses.
Nail Trimming  is not just a part of grooming; it's important for a pet's health as well. You should keep in mind that untrimmed nails can cause trauma to the nail bed, which are painful and bleed profusely. This can lead to a broken nail, and would need to be repaired surgically. 

Our bathing service includes a complimentary nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.  

 Bathing and Grooming

Treat your pet to a luxurious spa day! 

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