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Animal House Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Pembroke Pines.  We serve Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Cooper City, Davie, Plantation, Miami Lakes and various other areas.  Animal House Veterinary Hospital provides a wide range of services, from routine exams to emergency medicine for dogs, cats, reptiles and exotics.


We have great news for our mature feline patients!

Feline arthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD), occurs when the cartilage in the joints wears away over time and causes inflammation and pain. According to studies, about 92% of cats suffer from this condition. This is more common in older cats but even young cats can get DJD but it may not be as noticeable until it worsens with age. Overweight cats of any age are more likely to develop DJD earlier in life. One way to help prevent this from happening in young cats is by keeping them at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, genetics often contributes to the early development of feline arthritis.

Pain often goes unnoticed in cats because the signs are subtle. Cats are solitary hunters, who must remain healthy and strong in order to hunt successfully, and protect themselves from predators and perceived threats. Therefore, cats hide or mask signs of pain or weakness. You might think your cat does not need to worry about hunting or threats but this protective instinct still occurs in all cats. 


Common signs that your cat is in pain from DJD are:

·         Cats with DJD rarely limp

·         Decreased jumping up or down, or not jumping as high as before

·         Difficulty or hesitation to use the stairs, using them slower

·         Less active and playful

·         Stiffness

·         Over-grooming or lack of grooming

·         Not using the litterbox

·         Withdrawn, hiding, or increased “clinginess”

·         Aggressive when handled or towards other pets


Any change in your cat’s normal behavior can be a sign of pain. To identify changes, compare your cat’s daily behaviors and reactions to various situations to when they were younger. Changes in your cat’s behavior can indicate pain, sickness or stress – all reasons to seek veterinary care for your loved one.

Fortunately, there is a new treatment option for feline arthritis. Solensia, a monthly injectable therapy for the control of feline arthritis pain.  It is a convenient long-acting injection, making it easier for cats who are difficult to medicate daily. Solensia is a monoclonal antibody. It functions like naturally-occurring antibodies and is metabolized like other proteins with minimal involvement of the liver or kidneys. Solensia binds to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and helps to control pain, limit the release of proinflammatory mediators and more NGF and lowers inflammation. Reducing pain helps improve the quality of life for your cats.

If you have notices any changes your cat’s normal behavior or noted any of the listed signs of arthritis please contact us and schedule an appointment so we can decide if your cat will be a good candidate for Solensia. 

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