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Animal House Rescue - Saving Lives One Pet at a Time

Here at Animal House we believe every animal deserves a second chance to live a happy life.  We refuse to give up on any animal despite age, illness, or injury.


Animal House Veterinary Hospital's New Year's resolution is to rescue a pet from death row each month and rehabilitate them back to health. Our goal is to find them a loving forever home after they are rehabilitated.  It's so rewarding to know that we are able to help a dog or cat in need!


All donations will help cover his cost for treatments, and get him back to health.

10% OFF Microchipping

Its that time of the year when we need to prepare ourselves and pets for tropical storms and hurricanes. Unfortunately, during weather disasters, many pets could become separated from their families. In order to properly identify your pet and reunite with he or she, we highly recommend having them micro chipped. All animal hospitals and shelters are equipped with a universal micro chip scanner.


Animal House is offering 10% off all microchips, which also includes the registration fee!

Exotice Pet Promotion

We are now offering 15% off wellness bloodwork!!


Not only is it important to have your furry friends examined at least once a year, but it is just as important to provide your exotic pets with routine wellness care.


Save 15% off any Harrison's bird food, Oxbow pellets and Hay!!

Interested in a FREE Spa Day?

Animal House is raising money for local rescue groups. Come donate $1 per shot. If you make it in, your pet will receive a complimentary spa day!!