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Dr. Greg Rupp, DVM Veterinarian

Dr. Rupp graduated from Ohio State University in 1999. From there he completed a one year internship in Avian and Exotic Medicine and Surgery at Ohio State University. Dr. Rupp has been practicing in South Florida since 2000 and treats all exotic animals except primates and fish.


Dr. Rupp's family consists of his wife, Dr. Tacy Rupp, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM (Veterinary Cardiology) who also practices in South Florida,  and their son Colin. Some of Dr. Rupp's interests outside of work inculde computers, bike riding, and any outdoor activity with the family. 

Dr. Rupp

A Shih Tzu named Momo, a Terrier Mix named Nancy, a Maltese named Huffle Puff and a Boxer named Tiffany.  Seven cats named Mylo, Mombo, Cheeto, Midget, Hal, Kenau and Frito, a Hawk-Headed Parrot named Chumby, two Lovebirds named Fat Patricia and Aubery, and a Guinea Pig named Gizmo.

Pam Gonzalez, Practice Manager & Technician

Pam was born in New Jersey and grew up in South Florida. She graduated from Broward College with a degree in Business Administration. Pam has been in the veterinary field since 2000 and has gained an extraordinary amount of hands-on experience over the years.  Pam and Dr. Rupp open Animal House Veterinary Hospital in February 2015.


Pam loves rescuing stray animals (cats, dogs, exotics and etc.) and finding them good and loving homes.

Pam's Pets

A Yorkie named Samantha, a Cavalier King Charles named Cheddar, a Schnauzer named Sherman, a Chihuahua named Pookie, a Dachshund named Magoo, 5 cats named Alien, Morris, Pilar, Nicholas and Juan Pablo, a Conure named Skeeter and a Sugar Glider named Bobby.

Josh, Technician

Josh was born and raised in New York. He attended Broward College where he began his Associates Degree. Josh then transferred to Miami Dade College where he is currently taking biology classes and some business courses.  Josh's has been in the veterinary field for the since 2012 and his passion for his job begins with aiding animals. Knowing that he can lend a hand to the innocent really makes a difference in their lives and in mankind. Josh started working at Animal House Veterinary Hospital in February 2015.


Josh's hobbies are simple, enjoy life to the fullest in every aspect, you only get one. Also playing playing basket ball and Call of Duty.


Josh's Pets

Two Dachshunds named Twinkie and Pixie, Rachet and Gimp, two female Torties that are full of love, affection, and distruction and a rat named Steve.

Anais, Technician

Anais was born in Hialeah, FL and has been working in the veterinary field since 2006. She received her Associates Degree from Miami Dade College and then went on to finish her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University. Anais is currently working on becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician and is interested in dentistry, avian and exotic medicine, and canine behavior. Her passion is animal welfare, learning about exotic animal husbandry and educating clients to aid in better care for their loved ones. Anais started working at Animal House Veterinary Hospital in June 2015.


Before moving back to FL, in her spare time Anais enjoyed working with the Turtle Rescue team in the NCSU Vet School and training SPCA dogs for the Canine Assisted Rehabilitation of the Elderly program through the Pre-Vet Club at NCSU. Anais also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Anais' Pets

JD a three legged beagle mix that was brought in as a stray hit by car, Don Juan a Blue and Gold Macaw, Charlie a Columbian Red Tailed Boa, Cheer wine a Red eared slider, Mellow Yellow a Yellow eared slider, Gilbert the Tortoise, Frank a Box turtle, and Hook a cat. All rescue pets.

Ana, Receptionist

Ana was born in Cuba in October of 1960 and moved to Hialeah FL when she was only 6 years old. She was raised in Hialeah where she attended Miami Dade Community College and obtained a degree as a Surgical Technician in Human Medicine. Ana has been married to her husband Tony since 1981 and has two beautiful children Anthony and Anais. She is very thankful for her gorgeous grandson Jacob from her son and daughter in-law Cristy.


Ana's love is being a surgical tech and working side by side with surgeons as she assisted them during surgery in the following Hospitals: Palm Springs General Hospital, Hialeah Hospital, and Aventura Hospital.


Recently, Ana has made a major change to her life and entered a new field of knowledge. Ana started working at Animal House in March 2017, where she is starting to share a new passion for animals with her daughter Anais. She is excited about learning new things in Veterinary Medicine and loves being able to speak with client when they come in and comforts them when needed.



Ana's Pets

Ana and Anais are mother & daughter, she lovingly let Anais bring her rescue pets home.

Alexa, Recpetionist

Alexa was born and raised in Miami, FL and is currently enrolled in the Biology program at Florida International University. She is about to receive her bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Ecological studies. Alexa is a member of the Pre-Veterinary Society at the school. She hopes to study South Florida zoology in the future and loves every animal she meets.

Alexa's Pets

2 mixed breeds named Olivia and Boomer, an English Bull dog named Scarlet, a cat name Big Girl and a ferret named Puck.

Kim, Receptionist

Kim was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and was raised in South Florida.  Kim is currently attending Broward Community College, to acquire her goals and dreams in becoming a registered nurse. Kim has been working in the veterinary field since 2002.  Working with animals has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl.  She feels it's rewarding to see the difference we can make in the lives of animals. Kim started working at Animal House Veterinary Hospital in February 2015.


Kim a proud mother of Jaylie, Jayden and Jacob. In her spare time, Kim and her family love to be outside.  They enjoy going camping, canoeing, to the park, as well spending time at the beach or in the pool. 

Kim's Pets

Neiko a Yorkie, ChiChi a Yorkie mix, Bentley a Pit mix, Abby Cadabby her cat, Vanellope Von Schweetz a Bearded Dragons, 3 hermit crabs and a Beta fish named Dori.